Danielle Lohman (IPiB) joins the lab.


Our manuscript describing the dynamic nature of mitochondrial protein phosphorylation, led by Paul Grimsrud and Josh Carson, is published in Cell Metabolism.


Danielle Lohman (IPiB) begins her rotation.


We say goodbye to Grant Barber as he leaves the lab to continue his education as a medical student at Harvard Medical School.

Chelsea Krause heads off to Boston University to continue her academic endeavors as graduate student.

Natalie Niemi (postdoctoral fellow) joins the lab.


AJ Bureta receives 1st place in the 2012 Proteomics Photo & Graphic Art Contest.

Ethan Martin (senior biology major) joins the lab.

Jon Stefely receives a predoctoral fellowship (NIH F30) from the National Institutes of Health.


Dave is named a 2012 Shaw Scientist. The Shaw Award - a $200,000 unrestricted prize - provides needed support to young scholar-scientists engaged in groundbreaking research in the fields of genetics, cell biology and cancer research at critical stages in their careers.

Brendan Floyd (IPiB) joins the lab.


Athavi Jeevananthan, is honored with a Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowship.

Andrew Reidenbach and Molly McDevitt receive Honorable Mention for their NSF Graduate Fellowship Applications.

Chelsea Krause is accepted into the Forensic Sciences Graduate Program at Boston University.


Athavi Jeevananthan is accepted into the Khorana Program, a highly competitive summer research program that swaps talented undergraduates from the US and India for approximately 10 weeks.

Grant Barber is accepted to Harvard Medical School.